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Element Crossword Puzzles
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Known to the Ancients...
3.Too soft for most tools, early people learned that this metal could be strengthened if it was alloyed with tin or zinc.
4.The ancient Romans used this metal to make water pipes.
5.Brass, a corrosion resistant alloy, is a mix of copper and this metal.
8.The ancient Egyptians made black eye make-up with this element.
9.A pale yellow material, this element can be found near volcanoes and hot springs.
11.The cheapest and most abundant of all metals, people have been using this element for at least 5,000 years.
1.This liquid metal has been found in 3,500 year old Egyptian tombs.
2.Commonly found as coal or soot.
6.Although known to the ancients, this metal was often confused with lead and tin.
7.A soft, valuable metal, its purity is measured in carats.
9.Frequently used in jewelry, this metal is the best conductor of heat and electricity.
10.Bronze, the first alloy created by people, is a mix of copper and this metal.
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