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Math and Science Activities from Jefferson Lab

BEAMS is a program in which classes of 6th, 7th and 8th grade students are exposed to the scientific environment of Jefferson Lab. For five consecutive days during school hours, classes of 6th grade students and their teachers participate in science and math activities conducted with Jefferson Lab staff. The students return to the lab in the 7th and 8th grades for additional activities which reinforce their 6th grade experience.

Feel free to copy and alter these activities for use in your class.

6th Grade

Background Materials

Vocabulary List

What is Matter?

What is Jefferson Lab?

Careers at Jefferson Lab

Periodic Table of Elements

Puzzles and Games

BEAMS Word Search

Element Word Search

Geometry Word Search


Element Bingo

BEAMS Crossword Puzzle

BEAMS Cryptograph

Mystery Picture

BEAMS Fractions

Scrambled Science Words

BEAMS Spelling Search

Lab Activities

A Different Way of Measuring

Cold Stuff

Design and Engineering


Hot and Cold

Human Accelerator

Jefferson Lab Treasure Hunt

Looking for the Top Quark

Magnets and Electromagnets


Mystery Math


Role Model Visits

The Shape of Things

The Slow Bicycle Race


7th Grade

Lab Activities


Paper Towers

Silent Communication

Straw Structures


8th Grade

Lab Activities



Wind Power

Work and Power

Other Activities

Atoms and Elements

All About Atoms

Element BINGO

Element Word Search

Interactive Table of Elements

Element Concentration Game

On-line Element Flash Cards

On-line Element Hangman

On-line Element Matching Game

On-line Element Math Game

Printable Table of Elements

What is Matter?

Fun Things!

Build a Color Spinner

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Looking for the Top Quark

Place Value Game

Play a Game of Mystery Math

Who Wants to Win $1,000,000?

On-line Activities

All About Atoms

Element Concentration Game

Element Flash Cards

Element Hangman

Element Matching Game

Element Math Game

Looking for the Top Quark

Place Value Game

Reading Comprehension

Science Vocabulary Hangman

Who Wants to Win $1,000,000?

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