Teacher Programs

Teacher Programs

JLab Science Activities for Teachers (JSAT) - An afternoon science program for 5th, 6th and 8th grade teachers. [Program Dates: September 2019 - May 2020]

Teacher Night at Jefferson Lab - Teacher Night will be held on April 1st, 2020. Please sign-up by March 30th, 2020!

Education Events

Physics Fest - Cryogenics, electricity and more! Reserve your space today!

Science Series - Science lectures for high school and middle school students! [Video Archive]

Education Events Mailing List - An electronic mailing list to keep you informed of Jefferson Lab's public education events!

Workshops and Local Groups

The Virginia Section of the American Nuclear Society - Single and multi-day workshops on the science of nuclear energy and radiation.

American Society of Materials - Eastern Virginia - Programs and events for students and teachers.

Reference Materials

All About Atoms - Learn about the parts of the atom!

Table of Elements - Basic physical and historical information about the elements! [Printable Version]

Questions and Answers - Have a question? Need an answer? Check here first!

Glossary of Science Terms - Definitions of some of the terms used on this site.

Physics Out Loud - Jefferson Lab scientists and other experts explain some of the common words and terms used in nuclear physics research.

Jefferson Lab Virtual Tour - How do scientists explore inside atoms?

Practice Tests

Virginia State Standards of Learning Practice Tests - Practice taking the SOL tests! Subjects include geometry, algebra, math, chemistry, biology, science and technology.

Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments Released and Sample Items - Questions from Minnesota's MCA Math 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 11 tests are available.

Virtual Field Trips

Virtual Field Trips - See what research is being conducted at some of the Department of Energy's National Laboratories!

Distance Learning for Teachers

Masters Degree in Physics Education - Graduate courses in physics, available through the University of Virginia, for teachers teaching grades 6 through 12.

Hands-on Activities

(Show Descriptions)

A Different Way of Measuring
Cold Stuff
Design and Engineering
Hot and Cold
Human Accelerator
Jefferson Lab Treasure Hunt
Looking for the Top Quark
Magnets & Electromagnets
Mystery Math
Role Model Visits
The Shape of Things
The Slow Bicycle Race

Worksheets, Puzzles and Games

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Careers at Jefferson Lab
Crossword Puzzle
Element BINGO
Element Word Search
Geometry Word Search
Mystery Picture
Science Vocabulary List
Scrambled Science Words
Spelling Search
Table of Elements
What is Jefferson Lab?
What is Matter?
Word Search Puzzle

On-line Games and Puzzles

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Element Balancing Game
Element Concentration
Element Crossword Puzzles
Element Flash Cards
Element Hangman
Element Matching Game
Element Math Game
Element Word Scramble
Frostbite Theater
Jefferson Lab Coloring Book
Looking for the Top Quark
Mystery Math
The Nim Number Game
Place Value Game
Reading Comprehension
Science Crossword Puzzles
Science Vocabulary Hangman
Scrambled Science Words
SpeedMath Deluxe
SpeedMath - Add and Subtract
SpeedMath - Multiply and Divide
SpeedMath - Inequalities
VA SOL Practice Tests
Who Wants to Win $1,000,000?

Frostbite Theater Videos

(Show Descriptions)

Liquid Nitrogen Experiments

LN2 on the Floor!
Dry Ice vs. LN2
Freeze Nitrogen!
Flying Ring!
Film Canisters
LN2 on Soda!
LN2 Mystery!
Balloon Party
Giant Koosh Ball
Cooled CO2 in H2O
Microwaving LN2
LN2 and Fire!
Pewter Bells
Cells vs. LN2
Soda Can in LN2!
Magnets in Pipes!
Egg + Nitrogen!
Shattering Pennies!
Freeze the Rainbow!
Tea Kettle Mystery!
Rubber Stopper
LN2 Show
LN2 and Lava!
LN2 Can Crush!
Cold Magnets in Pipes!

Liquid Oxygen vs. Liquid Nitrogen

CombustionParamagnetismBehind the Scenes

Static Electricity Experiments

94 Aluminum Plates
Attract and Repel
Touch 200,000 V?
Van de Graaff
Thunder and Lightning
Polar Molecules
Lightning Rods
Make an Electroscope

The Half-life of Barium-137m

Equipment OverviewCollect the Data!Calculations and Results

Experiments You Can Try at Home!

Draw an Atom!
Mystery Math
Speed of Light!
Sun's Diameter!
Squealing Dry Ice
Cloud Chamber
Anti-Gravity Trick!
Measure Hair!
Lights on Pipes!
Make Oobleck!
A-G Explained!
Light is a Particle
Optical Illusions

Monarch Butterflies

Monarch Life CycleCaterpillar to ChrysalisMonarch Emergence


2017 Solar Eclipse
TSE Preview
Eclipse Time-lapse
Lunar Eclipses
TSE Close-up
Dec. 2010 Eclipse

March Microscope Madness!

2015 - Week 1
2015 - Week 4
2016 - Week 2
2015 - Week 2
2015 - Week 5
2016 - Week 3
2015 - Week 3
2016 - Week 1
2016 - Week 4

Just for Fun

Nitrogen Ice Cream
2010 Open House
LN2 Viewer Requests!
Bloopers - S1
100K Subscribers!
Bloopers - S2

Jefferson Lab's Workbench Projects

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Lenz's Law Device
Parallel and Series Circuits
Conductivity Tester
Magnets on a Stick
Electromagnet Experiment Stand
The Invisible Electromagnet
Go Far Car Ramps

Odds - n - Ends

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Build a Color Spinner
Build a Star Tracker
Flat Stanley Visits Jefferson Lab!
Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream
Mission to Jupiter