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Frostbite Theater

Liquid Nitrogen on a Can of Soda!

Liquid nitrogen is poured on top of a sealed can of soda. What will happen when the temperature drops?

Announcer: Frostbite Theater presents... Cold Cuts! No baloney!

Joanna and Steve: Just science!

Joanna: Hi! I'm Joanna!

Steve: And I'm Steve!

Joanna: Have you ever wondered what would happen if you put liquid nitrogen on a can of soda?

Steve: Only every single day of my life!!

Joanna: Ooookay...

The can mostly full of soda.

There's a layer of gas up at the top.

As the nitrogen cools the gas, its particles slow down, and the pressure drops.

Eventually, the pressure drops so much, the can collapses in on itself!

Once the nitrogen is gone, the gas quickly warms, the pressure builds and the can returns to normal!

Steve: So, it's like a balloon made out of metal that's mostly full of soda?

Joanna: Sure...

Thanks for watching! I hope you'll join us again soon for another experiment!

Steve: What if we put it in the nitrogen?

Joanna: Interesting idea!

We'll find out next time!

Steve: Next time?!

Joanna: Yep!

Steve: Man....

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