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Frostbite Theater

Here's a Question! - Food Coloring and Liquid Nitrogen

Ahhh. The age old question. What happens if you mix food coloring and liquid nitrogen?

Announcer: Frostbite Theater presents... Cold Cuts! No baloney!

Joanna and Steve: Just science!

Joanna: Hi! I'm Joanna!

Steve: And I'm Steve!

Joanna: Here's a question for you...

Liquid nitrogen is added to a clear plastic cup.

Steve: Ten drops of green food coloring are added to the liquid nitrogen.

Joanna: What happens to the liquid nitrogen?

Steve: Does it turn green?

Joanna: Does it turn blue?

Steve: Does it turn red?

Joanna: Or, does it remain colorless?

Pause the video now if you'd like to think it over before we show you what happens.

Food coloring is mostly water and it freezes solid once it comes in contact with the liquid nitrogen. So, you end up with blobs of frozen food coloring instead of green liquid nitrogen.

Steve: Bonus question! What happens if the liquid nitrogen and the frozen food coloring are added to room temperature water? Stick around after the credits to find out!

Joanna: Thanks for watching. I hope you'll join us again soon for another question!

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