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Frostbite Theater

Welcome to Frostbite Theater, a collection of science videos produced by Jefferson Lab!

Live Presentations

Stuck at home? Can't come to Jefferson Lab for a Physics Fest presentation? Did you miss the Open House? Now you can see portions of these presentations as if you were in the audience!

Here's a Question!

Science brain teasers! Quiz yourself or your class! How many can you answer?

Experiments You Can Try at Home!

Do you want to do some experiments yourself, but don't happen to have a Van de Graaff generator or your own personal supply of liquid nitrogen? Here are some things you can try that use common household items or materials that are easily obtainable. Parental guidance and supervision is highly recommended!

The Half-life of Barium-137m

Have you ever wanted to do an experiment using radioactive materials but didn't happen to have your own supply of sources, scintillators and photomultiplier tubes? Now, you can use our equipment to do an experiment to measure the half-life of barium-137m!

Liquid Nitrogen Experiments

Have you ever wanted to play with liquid nitrogen, but didn't happen to have any lying around the house? No problem! We did the experiments and filmed them for your viewing pleasure!

Liquid Oxygen vs. Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen not exciting enough for you? How about adding liquid oxygen to the mix!

Static Electricity Experiments

We hope you'll get a charge out of these shocking experiments!

Monarch Butterflies

Simply an amazing creature! Don't worry... liquid nitrogen is not involved!


March Microscope Madness!

What is March Microscope Madness? It's fun with microscopes! In March! How does it work? We'll show you three images taken with a microscope, you guess what they are! A special thanks to the College of William and Mary's Surface Characterization Lab for making this possible!

Just for Fun

Not everything in science has to be an experiment, you know.

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