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Jefferson Lab Virtual Field Trip - Additional Resources

Did you have fun at Jefferson Lab's Virtual Field Trip? You can continue your exploration of Jefferson Lab, and the science we do, with these additional resources! Teachers, feel free to alter these materials for use in your class.

Vocabulary, Puzzles and Games

Jefferson Lab Vocabulary - Terms you'll hear on your virtual field trip.

Jefferson Lab Crossword Puzzle - Test your knowledge of Jefferson Lab with this crossword puzzle!

Atoms and Matter Crossword Puzzle - See how much you know about atoms and matter!

Elements at Jefferson Lab Crossword Puzzle - How are some of your favorite elements used at Jefferson Lab?

Jefferson Lab Word Search - Find 16 words commonly used at Jefferson Lab!

Element Word Search - Can you find the names of the first 20 elements?

Mystery Picture - Only someone skilled in plotting can solve this mystery!

Spoiler Warning!! - Answer keys for teachers and parents. No peeking!!

Color Jefferson Lab!

Jefferson Lab Site Map - A bird's-eye view of our site, including the CEBAF accelerator, experimental halls and all of our other major buildings!

Accelerator Cryomodule - Filled with liquid helium, these large tanks keep our acceleration cavities cold!

Niobium Acceleration Cavities - Made from the element niobium, our cavities become superconductive when cooled to near absoulte zero!

Experimental Halls - Inside our four experimental halls, physicists study the inner workings of atoms!

Experiments on Video

Cold Stuff - Which material makes the better insulator? Cotton, air or steel wool? (Download the lab sheet!)

Electromagnets - Does changing the supply voltage change the strength of an electromagnet? (Download the lab sheet!)

Lights on Pipes - Which surface absorbs visible light the best? (Download the lab sheet!)

Mystery Materials - Can you identify three mystery materials by determining their densities? (Download the lab sheet!)

UV Detectives - Which materials block ultraviolet light the best? (Download the lab sheet!)

Stuff to Hang on Your Wall

The Periodic Table of Elements - From actinium to zirconium and from hydrogen to oganesson, the table has them all!

Experimental Hall A Poster

Experimental Hall B Poster

Experimental Hall C Poster

Experimental Hall D Poster

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