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10 Most Abundant Compounds in the Earth's Crust

Source: Exploring Chemical Elements and their Compounds; David L. Heiserman, 1992

percent by weight
parts per million by weight
Silicon dioxideSiO242.86%428,600
Magnesium oxideMgO35.07%350,700
Ferrous oxideFeO8.97%89,700
Aluminum oxideAl2O36.99%69,900
Calcium oxideCaO4.37%43,700
Sodium oxideNa2O0.45%4,500
Ferric oxideFe2O30.36%3,600
Titanium dioxideTiO20.33%3,300
Chromic oxideCr2O30.18%1,800
Manganese dioxideMnO20.14%1,400

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