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Uranus as seen by the Voyager II spacecraft.

Uranus is the seventh planet from the sun and takes 84 years to orbit the sun once. Uranus is about 4 times larger than the Earth and is about 14.5 times as massive. Uranus was discovered on March 13, 1781 by William Herschel.

In greek mythology, Uranus was Father Sky.

Planetary Data

Distance from SunLength of DayLength of YearRadiusMass
19.191 AU17.2 hours84.01 years25,559 km8.68*1025 kg

Known Satellites

NameDistance from UranusRotational PeriodOrbital PeriodRadius
Cordelia49,770 km-unknown-0.335034 days21 km
Ophelia53,790 km-unknown-0.376400 days23 km
Bianca59,170 km-unknown-0.434579 days27 km
Cressida61,770 km-unknown-0.463570 days71 km
Desdemona62,660 km-unknown-0.473650 days34 km
Juliet64,350 km-unknown-0.493065 days53 km
Portia66,090 km-unknown-0.513196 days70 km
Rosalind69,940 km-unknown-0.558460 days36 km
Cupid74,800 km-unknown-.618 days9 km
Belinda75,260 km-unknown-0.623527 days45 km
Perdita76,400 km-unknown-.638 days15 km
Puck86,010 km-unknown-0.761833 days81 km
Mab97,700 km-unknown-.923 days13 km
Miranda129,390 km1.413479 days1.41347925 days235.8 km
Ariel191,020 km2.520379 days2.52037935 days578.7 km
Umbriel266,300 km4.144177 days4.1441772 days584.7 km
Titania435,910 km8.705872 days8.7058717 days788.9 km
Oberon583,520 km13.463239 days13.4632389 days761.4 km
Francisco4,280,000 km-unknown-267.12 days6 km
Caliban7,230,000 km-unknown-579.39 days49 km
Stephano8,002,000 km-unknown-677.48 days10 km
Trinculo8,571,000 km-unknown-748.83 days5 km
Sycorax12,179,000 km-unknown-1,285.62 days95 km
Margaret14,345,000 km-unknown-1,654.32 days6 km
Prospero16,418,000 km-unknown-1,962.95 days15 km
Setebos17,459,000 km-unknown-2,196.35 days15 km
Ferdinand21,000,000 km-unknown-2,805.51 days6 km

Planetary and Satellite Data: NASA's Solar System Explorer

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