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Development of the GRINCH Gas Cherenkov Detector
This project was done as a summation of all of the projects I have done referencing A1n and the GRINCH detector. To assist in the preparation of the A1n experiment, I helped develop and model a magnetic shielding box for an array of PMT's in the GRINCH detector. Using this box, as well as a compensation coil, seemed to provide ample shielding from the BigBite magnets magnetic field. The PMT's in the array were salvaged from a detector where they were submerged in water and sustained damage (micro-fractures) on their acceptance windows. By putting a layer of glue and then a polished glass lens over the cracks, the PMT's performance improved greatly. Then, using a 3D modeling program, a rough approximation of the GRINCH detector and the components to be used with it was made. Using this model, the draftsmen will have a reference for the position of the components and the detector relative to one another.
Development of the GRINCH Gas Cherenkov Detector

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