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High School Research at Jefferson Lab
Design of Gaskets for Stanford Cryogenic Machine
The main purpose of this project was to design gaskets for a cryogenic machine that will go in Stanford University when completed. The gaskets are designed using a computerized three-dimensional CAD-like system called "NX 9". The three main types of gaskets designed were O-Ring gaskets, Gylon Garlock gaskets, and flexitallic gaskets. This job entailed modelling different types of gaskets for various pipe sizes for 150 LB flanges and 300 LB flanges. The specific measurements for each type of gasket had to be figured out, and the gasket was modelled appropriately. When all of the gaskets of a particular type and flange size are designed and completed, they are brought together into an assembly. Following the creation of the assembly, gaskets are displayed between two flanges in a model for a drawing. The drawing, the final product of the project, displays the model with a list of the descriptions of gaskets for different pipe sizes.
Design of Gaskets for Stanford Cryogenic Machine

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