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Clean Room Login Application
The project that I was given was to create an app for the Clean Room. The purpose for this app is to provide a user-friendly login app. The app is able to login users after they select a work area and activity and it store what time they login and where and what they were doing and sends it to a database to be analyzed. The setup of the app is a single view application, which shows one display at time connected by coding segues. For this project when in use, the user will select username then go to the activities page. After going to this page they will select an area and task being performed. The login button will then be pressed and login information stored. This will return the app to the home screen where the user in the clean room will be displayed as well as what time they logged in. The other aspect of the app is the signup page. If the user is not registered in the memory of the app when on the activities page a signup button will appear as an option. Overall the app serves itself as a database for Clean Room login.
Clean Room Login Application

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