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How do you know plasma is real if you can't see it?

What is a meniscus?

How does the radioactivity of an atom affect the body?

If radioactivity is so dangerous why do we use it to destroy cancers, and could the treatment cause more damage?

If all physical things are made of atoms, then why do different physical things have different physical properties? Like why is wood hard and rubber soft?

Anything with an atomic number greater than 92 (Uranium), is called transuranic. These elements are manmade, but is there a difference...

Are nitrogen, arsenic, and tantalum radioactive?

What atoms make up sugar? After sugar is melted over heat, what is the black substance called?

Is carbon found in all organic and inorganic matter?

How do you explain electrical resistance?

Do rotating magnets create energy? Where can I find more information on this subject?

What are alpha rays? How are they produced?

Do radioactive things glow in the dark?

How is radioactivity measured - in quantity?

How can I explain the Quantum/Wave theory to my class?

Why is it (in detail) that the more coils you add to an electromagnet, the stronger its magnetic field is?