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Movies and Filmography

Filmmaking began when Joseph Nicéphore invented . Since that time, it has been possible to take a image of something. Filmmaking really started when the Thaumatrope was invented. After that, made different devices. Phenakistoscopes, Zootropes, Zoetropes, and Kinetoscopes were made. Then, a great was conducted. Mr. E. Muybridge created a sort of by setting up a row of and then having an animal walk across the background. Then he programed every one of the cameras to go off one after the other. The animal was photographed in every single position so that people could the animal's movements. Later, Mr. Muybridge's pictures were displayed in . Once film projectors were invented, a lot of people could study things such as a jaguar pouncing, an ostrich walking or a horse trotting. These things were new to them. Nobody had these things before. Soon, scientists invented a way to record their movements using a single camera. They no longer had to take a lot of pictures using a row of cameras. The video had been born.

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