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The Scientific Method in the Lab

The very first step in the scientific method is to state the . Once you have done this you can do some research and then form a good . Then we test this by doing . We then analyze all of our and finally form a .

There are a lot of safety rules that we must follow in the science lab as well. One piece of equipment we will use most often is . If you spill harsh chemicals on your skin you should run it under water for at least . When smelling chemicals, never take a big sniff, always . Never ever start a when the teacher is not in the room.

We have recently studied some general properties of matter. Area is the amount of covered by an object. On the other hand, is the amount of space occupied by an object; and the mass per unit of volume is known as . The amount of matter in an object is called .

When doing a lab report two magic words must be included in the . Those two magic words are . The materials should be written as a . Charts and graphs will be found in the section of the lab report.

Metric prefixes are a big part of measurement in science. The prefix kilo means . The prefix milli is way on the other side of the chart and means . The prefix Deca means . The prefix Hecto means .

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