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Digestion and Nutrition

1. The pouchlike muscular organ that secretes acids and digestive enzymes is the .

2. is the watery material that results form digestion in the stomach.

3. Iron, potassium, and iodine are .

4. The human body is about 60 percent .

5. The teeth break down food by .

6. in the mouth helps to chemically digest food.

7. takes place in the mouth, stomach, and small intestine with the help of chemicals called .

8. Proteins are made up of smaller building blocks called .

9. The muscle contractions that move food through the digestive tract are called .

10. are tiny, fingerlike projections that cover the folds of the small intestine.

11. Chemical digestion is possible because of certain kinds of proteins called .

12. There are six kinds of available in food.

13. Three types of are sugar, starch, and fiber.

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