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The Steps of the Scientific Method

The scientific method is the way that scientists organize and track their studies. As they learn and experiment they use the scientific method. The very first step in the scientific method is to state the .

Once you have done this you can do some research and then form a good . Then we test this by doing . When designing a scientific investigation, there are two types of inquiry: study and experiment. In the second type, the purpose is to determine whether the variable causes an effect on the variable.

When we design an experiment and write a , we need to identify the that can change in the investigation. The is changed by the experimenter. The is the one that changes in response. All other factors are kept the same so the experiment is fair, these are called variables.

To answer the question that forms the basis of a scientific investigation, you must make and gather information or data. It is important to take good notes so you know the result of each experiment. There are two types of observations. observations use information gathered through your senses, they describe the qualities of objects and events (may include diagrams) and cannot be measured. observations are based on measurements or counting since they deal with amounts (quantities) of things.

We then analyze all of our , and finally form a . By the time you finish, you will either prove that your guess was right, or you will prove that your guess was wrong. Either result is okay, we learn from both results. We communicate our findings to other scientists by writing a .

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