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Jefferson Lab Site Tour

Central Helium Liquefier

Central Helium Liquefier

Building Exterior

First Floor

Cold Boxes

Walk to the

Helium Storage Tanks

The Central Helium Liquefier is a large refrigerator located in the middle of Jefferson Lab's accelerator. Compressors inside the CHL take Helium stored outside in large tanks and chill it to 456 degrees below zero Fahrenheit - nearly Absolute Zero. This cold Helium is sent through underground pipes to the straight parts of Jefferson Lab's accelerator where it is used to keep the acceleration cavities cold.

This tour reflects Jefferson Lab as it was in the late 1990s and early 2000s. In particular, this predates the 12 GeV upgrade and the addition of Hall D. For a modern look at the Lab, please see the Jeffeson Lab Virtual Tour.

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