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Free Electron Laser - Wiggler Magnet

Free Electron Laser - Wiggler Magnet

As the electron beam passes between the copper colored magnets, it changes directions. The poles of the magnets alternate, so the electron beam is forced to wiggle up and down. Any wiggling electric charge emits electromagnetic radiation. The type of electromagnetic radiation produced depends on how quickly the charge wiggles. Slower wiggles can make radio waves or microwaves, while faster wiggles can make x-rays. The FEL's electron beam will produce infrared light and a future upgrade will allow it to produce ultraviolet light.

This tour reflects Jefferson Lab as it was in the late 1990s and early 2000s. In particular, this predates the 12 GeV upgrade and the addition of Hall D. For a modern look at the Lab, please see the Jeffeson Lab Virtual Tour.

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