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Hadron Mass Corrections

Simulation Additions for the Proposed Hall A Møller Experiment

Student: Alexander Brown

School: Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Mentored By: Mark Dalton

Hall A of Jefferson Lab currently plans to use a 150 cm beam target of liquid hydrogen (LH2) in its upcoming Møller Scattering experiment. In order to study the proposed experiment and fine-tune the equipment specifics needed, a simulation was created using the package GEANT4. Initially, the simulation being used to help in the project's planning used target geometry of a single floating cylinder of LH2. The purpose of this project was to study the effect that aluminum windows on the front and back ends of the target will have on the expected results. To do this, cross section and asymmetry calculations for different interactions in aluminum were added to the program, along with geometry adjustments for the aluminum ends. When the simulation is run with the newly added scattering information occurring in the aluminum windows, the resulting data will be taken into consideration for future figure of merit calculations.
Simulation Additions for the Proposed Hall A Møller Experiment