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Heat Load and Run Time for CEBAF Linacs

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Single Spin Asymmetries

Electromagnetic Calorimeter Test Stand for SoLID

Student: William Roh

School: State University of New York at Stony Brook

Mentored By: J. P. Chen

We present the results of the uniformity test of the QDC and its calibration process, as well as the uniformity test for a MaPMT. We also show the results of a crosstalk study. This MaPMT will be used in the preshower detector in the SoLID calorimeter. Testing and calibration of all electronics and components must be done so that data collection and analysis will yield accurate results. In this study we show that the Caen V792 QDC has a gain of 108 pC/count, with less than a ±2 percent non- uniformity. We show that the Hamamatsu MaPMT H10966A has a non-uniformity of ±18 percent at 450V, ±18 percent at 500V, ±25 percent at 850V ±20 percent at 1000V. Additionally, we show that the average crosstalk percentages for the MaPMT at 500V, 850V, and 1kV were 1.12 percent, 1.3 percent, and 1.13 percent, respectively.
Electromagnetic Calorimeter Test Stand for SoLID