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Proton Radius from Classic Electron Data

Building a Mobile-Friendly Jefferson Lab Electronic Logbook Interface

Student: LaTasha Bagby

School: Virginia State University

Mentored By: Theo Larrieu

The electronic logbook is a valuable tool at Jefferson Lab. It is used for documentation and provides information to the employees from the operators, support staff, and experimenters. The electronic logbook web interface allows users to browse, search, and create entries. The Jefferson Lab electronic logbook has a number of different logbooks for the different sets of users, but the common interface makes it simple to cross-post and share information. The project focus is building a cross-platform mobile-friendly web interface to the Jefferson Lab electronic logbook. To successfully build the cross platform interface, the application will be written using JavaScript and HTML. In addition, the jQuery mobile library will be utilized. In particular, specific web development techniques will be applied so that the web interface can be user friendly on mobile devices and so that it can be displayed with a native application look on a smaller screen. The mobile web interface will offer good navigation through the site for the users with handheld devices. Mobile users will also gain the ability to use the cameras on those devices when making entries. Furthermore, many employees work in locations where they do not have access to a desktop or laptop computer. With the introduction of the mobile web interface those employees in the field or offsite will have the option to use their cellular device as a work tool to access the logbook to read or make entries.
Building a Mobile-Friendly Jefferson Lab Electronic Logbook Interface