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Slow Control System

Building, Testing, and Implementing a
Thermocouple Circuit in the Hall C Gas Shed

Student: John Gonzalez

School: Northeastern Illinois University

Mentored By: Brad Sawatzky

The Hall C gas shed contains the Mass Flow Controller for the wire chambers and the Cerenkov detectors. These systems include components that need to operate within appropriate temperature ranges. The project entailed building, testing, and installing four thermocouple circuits based around the AD595 device to calculate the temperature. These circuits were recently installed into the Hall C gas shed and connected to the Jlab Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System slow control data acquisition system. This new hardware will become a permanent part of the Hall C infrastructure, used to ensure proper operation of the Hall C gas system for the 12 GeV era.
Building, Testing, and Implementing a<br>Thermocouple Circuit in the Hall C Gas Shed