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Science Vocabulary Hangman

Adding Words to Science Vocabulary Hangman

The Science Vocabulary Hangman Game is able to pick words from different sets of questions, including sets that you create for your class!

Please follow these instructions for submitting your own set of science vocabulary words:

  1. Use a text editor or word processor to create your list of vocabulary words. A single word can be no longer than 20 characters and problems containing more than one word cannot contain more than 40 characters.
  2. Words are separated from their definitions by a single tab. Definitions are grammatically correct sentences with proper capitalization and punctuation. In the examples below, <TAB> represents a single tab:

    my first word<TAB>The definition for the first word.

    my second word<TAB>The definition for the second word happens to be quite long. That's okay. The definitions can actually wrap onto new lines as long as the <RETURN> key is not pressed at the end of each line. The only time the <RETURN> key should be pressed is at the very end of the definition. Like now.

    my second word<TAB>This is an alternate definition for 'my second word.' The same word can be listed more than once and given more than one definition.

    my third word is also very long<TAB>Note the use of a single tab, regardless of the size of the words. DO NOT try to make the list of words 'pretty' by adjusting the position of the definitions by adding tabs. This will only confuse the program used to create your game set. Use a single tab only.

  3. Make certain that your list is appropriate for audiences of all ages. Since this site is completely open to people of all ages, potentially 'controversial' words will be excluded.
  4. While you are creating this set primarily for your classes' benefit, realize that anyone on the internet will be able to use it. The words and definitions should make sense to anyone, not just to those in your class.
  5. Check your vocabulary set for:
    • Factual accuracy
    • Correct spelling
    • Correct punctuation
    • Proper grammar
  6. Save your vocabulary set as a plain text (.txt) document. If you are using Microsoft Word, do not use Word's default file format (.doc). Follow these steps to save your passage as a plain text document:
    • Select Save as... from the File menu
    • Select Text Only from the Format pulldown menu
    • Save the document
    • Ignore the 'formatting information will be lost!' complaints that Word will give you
  7. Attach your saved file to an email addressed to If all goes well, your vocabulary set will be added shortly! A sample vocabulary set is available for download if you would like to see a working example.

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