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All About Atoms - Learn about the parts of the atom!

Virginia State Standards of Learning Practice Tests - Practice taking the SOL tests! Subjects currently include algebra, math, science and technology.

Table of Elements - Basic physical and historical information about the elements! [Printable Version]

Questions and Answers - Have a question? Need an answer? Check here first!

Glossary of Science Terms - Definitions of some of the terms used on this site.

Jefferson Lab Virtual Tour - How do scientists explore inside atoms?

Video Resources

Frostbite Theater - Short science experiments using liquid nitrogen, static electricity and more!

Physics Out Loud - Jefferson Lab scientists and other experts explain some of the common words and terms used in nuclear physics research.

Virtual Field Trips - See what research is being conducted at some of the Department of Energy's National Laboratories!

Science Series Video Archive

Undergraduate Internships

The Department of Energy's Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internships - For undergraduate students wishing to explore a career in science. Application Deadline: January 8, 2016

Jefferson Lab/Old Dominion University Research Experience for Undergraduates - For undergraduate students wishing to explore a career in Accelerator Science. Application Deadline: February 12, 2016

Undergraduate Research Projects - See the kind of research projects SULI and REU students are involved in!

High School Internships and Mentorships

A limited number of opportunities are available for high school students. High school students may only work on projects at Jefferson Lab through one of the following programs:

Jefferson Lab High School Summer Honors Program (paid internship) - Application Deadline: February 23, 2015

Jefferson Lab High School Honors Mentorship Program (unpaid mentorship) - Application Deadlines: August 31, December 15 or June 1

High School Research Projects - See the kind of research projects High School Summer Honors students are involved in!

On-line Games and Puzzles

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Element Balancing Game
Element Concentration
Element Crossword Puzzles
Element Flash Cards
Element Hangman
Element Matching Game
Element Math Game
Element Word Scramble
Jefferson Lab Coloring Book
Looking for the Top Quark
Mystery Math
The Nim Number Game
Place Value Game
Reading Comprehension
Science Crossword Puzzles
Science Vocabulary Hangman
Scrambled Science Words
SpeedMath Deluxe
SpeedMath - Add and Subtract
SpeedMath - Multiply and Divide
SpeedMath - Inequalities
VA SOL Practice Tests
Who Wants to Win $1,000,000?