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Math 6.2 Number and Number Sense

- by comparing the strength of an electromagnet using varying currents and coils of wire

Math 6.18 Probability and Statistics

- by collecting, analyzing, displaying, and interpreting data about electromagnets of varying strengths as they relate to the voltage applied to them

Science 6.1 Plan and Conduct Investigations

- by identifying differences in descriptions and the construction of working definitions

- by recording precise and approximate measurements

- by stating hypotheses in a way that identifies the independent and dependent variables

- by devising methods to test the validity of predictions and inferences

- by manipulating one variable over time with repeated trials

- by collecting, recording and analyzing data using appropriate metric measures

- by organizing and communicating data through graphical representations

Science 6.2 Demonstrate Scientific Reasoning and Logic

- by performing multiple tests of ideas before accepting or rejecting them

Science 6.4 Force, Motion and Energy

- by investigating and understanding the relationship between electricity and magnetism

- by learning that electrical energy can be described in volts

LS.1 Plan and Conduct Investigations

- by organizing data into tables showing repeated trials and means

- by defining variables

- by using SI (metric) units

- by establishing criteria for evaluating a prediction

- by identifying sources of experimental error

- by identifying independent variables, dependent variables and constants

- by controlling variables with repeated trials to test the hypotheses

- by constructing, interpreting and using continuous line graphs to make predictions

- by evaluating and defending interpretations from the same set of data

PS.1 Plan and Conduct Investigations

- by recording and interpreting data from line graphs

- by identifying independent and dependent variables, constants, controls and repeated trials

- by making valid conclusions after analyzing data

PS.11 Investigate and Understand Basic Principles of Electricity and Magnetism

- by understanding the concepts of current and circuits

- by understanding magnetic fields and electromagnets

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