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With the invention of the microscope, scientist could see things they never could before. They discovered that we were surrounded by strange creatures that were too small to see. In this activity, students will discover new things about ordinary objects.


In this activity students will:

- choose two objects from home to observe with a microscope

- describe what each object looks like to the unaided eye

- form a hypothesis for each object explaining what they think the objects will look like when magnified

- learn how to use two different types of microscopes

- record their observations by sketching what they see

- calculate the magnification used to view an object

Minimum Materials Needed:

- Objects to observe

- Compound microscopes

- Dissecting microscopes

Microscopes materials
Materials for Microscopes

Pre-Activity Preparations:

The Homework

1. Have the students select two objects to bring in from home.

2. Have the students complete the homework page for their two objects.

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