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English 6.1 Oral Language

- by oral participation in small group activities

English 6.7 Writing

- by describing the properties they discover

Science 6.1 Plan and Conduct Investigations

- by making observations involving fine discrimination between similar objects

- by developing a multiple attributes classification system

- by identifying differences in descriptions and the construction of working definitions

- by devising methods to test the validity of predictions and inferences

- by collecting, recording and analyzing data using appropriate metric measures

Science 6.6 Matter

- by investigating and understanding how to classify materials as elements, compounds or mixtures

Science 6.7 Matter

- by investigating physical and chemical properties of matter and understanding the changes it can undergo

LS.1 Plan and Conduct Investigations

- by establishing criteria for evaluating a prediction

- by evaluating and defending interpretations from the same set of data

- by constructing models to illustrate and explain phenomena

PS.1 Plan and Conduct Investigations

- by making valid conclusions after analyzing data

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