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High School Research at Jefferson Lab
Applications of the Goubau Line at Jefferson Lab
Jefferson Lab, like everywhere else, needs a testbed for its expensive parts. We can't just put these parts into the accelerator and expect them to work flawlessly. To test the important parts, like Beam Position Monitors, we need a testbed that accurately depicts the electron beam in the accelerator, without the radiation. This testbed is called the G-Line. The G-Line works by producing a magnetic field around a hair thin wire to restrict the 1497 MHz signal to that wire. In order to produce this signal restricting field, we need two precise cones, one for launching the wave and one for receiving the wave. With the signal and its corresponding magnetic field, we can test a variety of parts for the accelerator. One of these parts is the Beam Position Monitor for Hall C. We also have some R&D proposals to test including button based BPM's and an ultra fast kicker. These tests produce 3 dimensional error plots that show where the BPM is most accurate at showing the position of the beam. It is important to know where the beam is to prevent a problem with the accelerator.
Applications of the Goubau Line at Jefferson Lab

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