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Design of Recovery Suction Manifold for End Station Refrigeration
The ESR, or End Station Recovery, is a cryogenic system which processes the loads of the experimental Halls A, B, and C. The ESR has temporary connections running to the recovery "clean up" system made with copper tubing and compression fittings. This current method can result in leaks or obstructions from accidental bending or improperly tightened fittings. It also is confusing and a possible trip hazard. To mitigate these problems a manifold will be designed and built which connects ESR to the recovery system to allow temporary connections to be made more easily. The manifold will consist of a longer run pipe with several branches, which can be connected to the return lines from the experimental halls as needed, as well as line flowing out to the recovery system. Design of the manifold will take into account requirements such as pressure and temperature requirements, and will also require the evaluation of different fitting methods to connect the run and branch pipes while minimizing leakage at low temperatures.
Design of Recovery Suction Manifold for End Station Refrigeration

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