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What is the fastest type of energy?

Since almost all forms of radiation move at the speed of light, we can determine that there are SEVERAL types of energies that are equally fast. The speed of light is sort of a "universe speed limit." Stuff that goes fast has to be completely massless or none of this would work (like photons). Since the mass of an object increases as it approaches the speed of light, an object of mass would become infinitely massive at the speed of light. That would not be a good thing! There are some theorists who theorize that particles called tachyons go faster than the speed of light, but other people do not think the same way. They feel that it is nothing more than a theoretical construct that tries to possibly explain far out theories. Unfortunately many people have latched onto the term "tachyon" and established cults based on tachyons and tachyon energy. Look up tachyons on the web for a good laugh.


Brian Kross, Chief Detector Engineer (Other answers by Brian Kross)

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