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All Answers by Brian Kross

What is plasma?

Could you please explain density? What is it? What is the concept of D = M over V?

Where does the word atom come from and who first used this word?

What is a vacuum? Is it matter?

How many atoms are in the human body?

What do we use to measure mass?

How do people really know that atoms exist even though they can't see them?

What is one example of indirect evidence that scientists use to study an atom?

What is the smallest particle of matter known?

Is matter everywhere?

If atoms are 99.999999999999% empty space then why don't things pass right through them?

How do you prove air is matter?

What are the components of an atom? How much does each atom weigh?

Why don't atoms weigh anything?

What kind of charge does a proton have? And what kind of charge does a neutron have?

What kinds of quarks are protons and neutrons made of? What was the old name for the Top and Bottom quark?

How many neutrons can you add to an atom without it getting unbalanced?

How can you tell if a new type of element has been created, especially if only a few atoms of it were created and if they only existed for a millisecond?

If everything around us is matter, what about germs?

Do liquids freeze at the same temperature? Why doesn't oil freeze?

What's the melting point of steel?

How do the elements on the element table get their chemical symbols?

What would you get if you combined one atom each from all the elements in the periodic table?

Is there anything colder than liquid nitrogen?

If energy is formed by a generator, how does the generator form the energy?

Which jobs use electromagnets?

Can you explain why the United States uses Fahrenheit instead of Celsius?

What is the fastest type of energy?

What is an electric current?

Are Democritus' theories of atoms still relevant today?

Where and how do you get your electrons for your accelerator? What kind of machine or process did they use to split the first atom all those years ago...

How big around is the tunnel at Jefferson Lab and what do you do in it?

How did you make so much neat stuff?

How did you make the detectors work in Halls A, B and C?

How much money does it cost a year to run Jefferson Lab? Do you get funds from an entrepreneurship?

What would happen if a part of the accelerator or one of the magnets were to break or come off? Would the electrons come out of the machine...

Why are the Halls in bio-dome shapes?

Does an atom smasher really smash atoms?

Why do you need high energy to look at or observe quarks? Since the accelerator at your facility is linear and can't always get as much energy...

What is an accelerator?

How do lasers work?

What happens when a magnet is cut in two? Does the strength of an electromagnet depend on the number of turns of wire? If you have two magnets...

Permanent magnets can lose their magnetism if they are dropped or banged on enough to bump their domains out of alignment. Can you turn something back...

Why is a non-permanent, but long lasting, magnet called a permanent magnet?

Do you know what an electromagnet is?

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