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If everything around us is matter, what about germs?

Yes, germs are matter. The definition of matter is something that has mass and occupies space. Germs certainly meet that criteria. Of course, germs are tiny and impossible to see without some tool to amplify our senses, BUT they are huge compared to the atoms that make up those germs. Those atoms are also matter and are even smaller and harder to see than germs.

About the only place you can be where you aren't completely surrounded by matter is in space and even there, there is some matter, just not nearly as much as here on Earth. You wouldn't really like it there though because without all that nice matter (remember air is matter also) pushing on your body, you would be "uncomfortable". Ok, you'd pop, but I would call that being pretty uncomfortable.


Brian Kross, Chief Detector Engineer (Other answers by Brian Kross)

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