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Evaluation of the P-V Sum Rule

Comparing and Improving Quality Factor (Q0) Data Collected
from Testing in the VTA, CMTF and Tunnel

Student: Mowafeg E. Abdelwhab

School: Morehouse College

Mentored By: Edward F. Daly

The Superconducting Radio Frequency (SRF) Institute at Jlab uses three methods to test RF cavities for quality factors (Q0): Vertical Test Area (VTA), Cryomodule Test Facility (CMTF), and in the tunnel. The VTA uses an electrical method to calculate Q0 and the CMTF and tunnel use calorimitry. Participation in each of the three test methods was completed to attain data that can be analyzed to possibly find improvements in the testing techniques and the instrumentation. Since the VTA provides the best environment for the niobium cavities, it is expected that the higher Q0 values be found using the VTA. However, if the environment and conditions for attaining higher Q0 values are met in the cryomodule design and the tunnel, it is possible to improve the values in the CMTF and tunnel.
Comparing and Improving Quality Factor (Q<sub>0</sub>) Data Collected<br>from Testing in the VTA, CMTF and Tunnel