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Bipolar Electropolishing

Global QCD Analysis of the Nucleon Tensor Charge
with Lattice QCD Constraints

Student: Harvey Shows

School: Louisiana State

Mentored By: Wally Melnitchouk

By studying the parton distribution functions (PDFs) of a nucleon, we probe the partonic scale of nature, exploring what it means to be a nucleon. In this study, we are interested in the transversely PDF - the least studied of the three collinear PDFs. By conducting a global analysis on experimental data from semi-inclusive deep inelastic scattering (SIDIS), as well as single-inclusive e+e- annihilation (SIA), we extract the fit parameters needed to describe the transverse moment dependent (TMD) transversity PDF, as well as the Collins fragmentation function. Once the collinear transversity PDF is obtained by integrating the extracted TMD PDF, we wish to resolve discrepancies between lattice QCD calculations and phenomenological extractions of the tensor charge from data. Here we show our results for the transversity distribution and tensor charge. Using our method of iterative Monte Carlo, we now have a more robust understanding of the transversity PDF. With these results we are able to progress in our understanding of TMD PDFs, as well as testify to the efficacy of current lattice QCD calculations.
Global QCD Analysis of the Nucleon Tensor Charge<br>with Lattice QCD Constraints