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Vehicle Electrification

Big Experiments at a DOE National Lab
Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility

We're hosting a Google+ Virtual Field Trip into our atom smasher! We invite you to join Joanna and Steve, the hosts of Jefferson Lab's Frostbite Theater series on YouTube, for this virtual Hangouts On Air visit. They'll introduce you to experts who conduct experiments inside the nucleus of the atom with our atom-smashing electron accelerator. We'll journey 25 feet down into the tunnel to see the accelerator, visit a giant detector in one of our experimental areas, and take a peek at some of our supercomputers that run on components inspired by video games. Plan now to join us for this exclusive peek into how big experiments are conducted at a U.S. Department of Energy National Lab.

Scrub ahead to these times to view specific portions of the field trip:

2:51 - Accelerator Tunnel

5:52 - Accelerator Tunnel Q&A

8:53 - Experimental Hall D

14:34 - Experimental Hall D Q&A

20:47 - Scientific Computing

27:13 - Scientific Computing Q&A

31:55 - General Q&A

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