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Isotopes of the Element Rhenium

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Most of the isotope data on this site has been obtained from the National Nuclear Data Center. Please visit their site for more information.

Isotopes With A Known Natural Abundance

Mass NumberNatural AbundanceHalf-life
18762.60%4.33×10+10 years

Known Isotopes

Mass NumberHalf-lifeDecay ModeBranching Percentage
159No Data AvailableNo Data AvailableNo Data Available
1600.82 millisecondsProton Emission91.00%
Alpha Decay9.00%
1610.44 millisecondsProton Emission100.00%
Alpha Decay<= 1.40%
161m14.7 millisecondsAlpha Decay93.00%
Proton Emission7.00%
162107 millisecondsAlpha Decay94.00%
Electron Capture6.00%
162m77 millisecondsAlpha Decay91.00%
Electron Capture9.00%
163390 millisecondsElectron Capture68.00%
Alpha Decay32.00%
163m214 millisecondsAlpha Decay66.00%
Electron Capture34.00%
1640.85 secondsAlpha Decay~ 58.00%
Electron Capture~ 42.00%
164m0.86 secondsIsomeric TransitionNo Data Available
Alpha Decay~ 3.00%
165≈ 1 secondsElectron CaptureNo Data Available
Alpha DecayNo Data Available
165m2.1 secondsElectron Capture87.00%
Alpha Decay13.00%
1662.25 secondsElectron Capture> 76.00%
Alpha Decay< 24.00%
1675.9 secondsElectron Capture~ 99.00%
Alpha Decay~ 1.00%
167m3.4 secondsAlpha Decay100.00%
1684.4 secondsElectron Capture100.00%
Alpha Decay~ 5.0×10-3 %
1698.1 secondsElectron Capture100.00%
Alpha Decay< 0.01%
169m15.1 secondsElectron CaptureNo Data Available
Isomeric TransitionNo Data Available
Alpha Decay~ 0.20%
1709.2 secondsElectron Capture100.00%
17115.2 secondsElectron Capture100.00%
17255 secondsElectron Capture100.00%
172m15 secondsElectron Capture100.00%
1731.98 minutesElectron Capture100.00%
1742.40 minutesElectron Capture100.00%
1755.89 minutesElectron Capture100.00%
1765.3 minutesElectron Capture100.00%
17714 minutesElectron Capture100.00%
17813.2 minutesElectron Capture100.00%
17919.5 minutesElectron Capture100.00%
179m0.466 millisecondsIsomeric Transition100.00%
1802.44 minutesElectron Capture100.00%
18119.9 hoursElectron Capture100.00%
18264.0 hoursElectron Capture100.00%
182m12.7 hoursElectron Capture100.00%
18370.0 daysElectron Capture100.00%
183m1.04 millisecondsIsomeric Transition100.00%
18435.4 daysElectron Capture100.00%
184m169 daysIsomeric Transition74.50%
Electron Capture25.50%
1863.7186 daysBeta-minus Decay92.53%
Electron Capture7.47%
186m2.0×10+5 yearsIsomeric Transition100.00%
1874.33×10+10 yearsBeta-minus Decay100.00%
Alpha Decay< 1.0×10-4 %
18817.003 hoursBeta-minus Decay100.00%
188m18.59 minutesIsomeric Transition100.00%
18924.3 hoursBeta-minus Decay100.00%
1903.1 minutesBeta-minus Decay100.00%
190m3.2 hoursBeta-minus Decay54.40%
Isomeric Transition45.60%
1919.8 minutesBeta-minus Decay100.00%
19216 secondsBeta-minus Decay100.00%
193No Data AvailableNo Data AvailableNo Data Available
1945 secondsBeta-minus Decay100.00%
Beta-minus Decay100.00%
Beta-minus Decay100.00%
1956 secondsBeta-minus DecayNo Data Available
1963 secondsBeta-minus Decay100.00%
198No Data AvailableNo Data AvailableNo Data Available

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