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Isotopes of the Element Uranium

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Most of the isotope data on this site has been obtained from the National Nuclear Data Center. Please visit their site for more information.

Isotopes With A Known Natural Abundance

Mass NumberNatural AbundanceHalf-life
2340.0054%2.455×10+5 years
2350.7204%7.04×10+8 years
23899.2742%4.468×109 years

Known Isotopes

Mass NumberHalf-lifeDecay ModeBranching Percentage
21716 millisecondsAlpha Decay<= 100.00%
2180.51 millisecondsAlpha Decay100.00%
218m0.56 millisecondsAlpha Decay100.00%
21942 microsecondsAlpha Decay100.00%
220No Data AvailableAlpha Decay (suspected)No Data Available
Electron Capture (suspected)No Data Available
221700 nanosecondsNo Data AvailableNo Data Available
2221.0 microsecondsAlpha Decay100.00%
22318 microsecondsAlpha Decay100.00%
Electron Capture0.20%
2240.9 millisecondsAlpha Decay100.00%
22595 millisecondsAlpha Decay100.00%
2260.35 secondsAlpha Decay100.00%
2271.1 minutesAlpha Decay100.00%
2289.1 minutesAlpha Decay> 95.00%
Electron Capture< 5.00%
22958 minutesElectron Capture~ 80.00%
Alpha Decay~ 20.00%
23020.8 daysAlpha Decay100.00%
Spontaneous Fission< 1×10-10 %
Emission of a neon-22 nucleus5×10-12 %
2314.2 daysElectron Capture100.00%
Alpha Decay~ 4.0×10-3 %
23268.9 yearsAlpha Decay100.00%
Spontaneous Fission3×10-12 %
2331.592×10+5 yearsAlpha Decay100.00%
Emission of a neon-24 nucleus9×10-10 %
Spontaneous Fission< 6×10-11 %
Emission of a magnesium-28 nucleus< 1×10-13 %
2342.455×10+5 yearsEmission of a magnesium nucleus1×10-11 %
Emission of a neon nucleus9×10-12 %
Alpha Decay100.00%
Spontaneous Fission1.6×10-9 %
2357.04×10+8 yearsAlpha Decay100.00%
Spontaneous Fission7.0×10-9 %
Emission of a magnesium-28 nucleus8×10-10 %
Emission of a neon nucleus~ 8×10-10 %
235m≈ 26 minutesIsomeric Transition100.00%
2362.342×107 yearsAlpha Decay100.00%
Spontaneous Fission9.4×10-8 %
2376.75 daysBeta-minus Decay100.00%
2384.468×109 yearsSpontaneous Fission5.5×10-5 %
Alpha Decay100.00%
23923.45 minutesBeta-minus Decay100.00%
24014.1 hoursBeta-minus Decay100.00%
241No Data AvailableBeta-minus Decay (suspected)No Data Available
24216.8 minutesBeta-minus Decay100.00%
243No Data AvailableNo Data AvailableNo Data Available

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