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Isotopes of the Element Nobelium

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Most of the isotope data on this site has been obtained from the National Nuclear Data Center. Please visit their site for more information.

Known Isotopes

Mass NumberHalf-lifeDecay ModeBranching Percentage
2482 microsecondsSpontaneous Fission (suspected)No Data Available
249No Data AvailableNo Data AvailableNo Data Available
2504.2 microsecondsSpontaneous Fission100.00%
Alpha Decay< 2.00%
2510.80 secondsAlpha Decay84.00%
Spontaneous Fission< 0.30%
Electron CaptureNo Data Available
251m1.02 secondsAlpha Decay100.00%
2522.47 secondsAlpha Decay70.70%
Spontaneous Fission29.30%
Electron Capture< 1.10%
252m110 millisecondsIsomeric Transition100.10%
2531.62 minutesElectron CaptureNo Data Available
Alpha Decay~ 80.00%
25451 secondsAlpha Decay90.00%
Electron Capture10.00%
Spontaneous Fission0.17%
254m0.28 secondsIsomeric Transition> 80.00%
2553.52 minutesElectron Capture70.00%
Alpha Decay30.00%
2562.91 secondsAlpha Decay99.47%
Spontaneous Fission0.53%
25725 secondsAlpha Decay<= 100.00%
Spontaneous Fission<= 1.50%
2581.2 millisecondsSpontaneous Fission<= 100.00%
25958 minutesAlpha Decay75.00%
Electron Capture25.00%
Spontaneous Fission< 10.00%
260106 millisecondsSpontaneous Fission100.00%
261No Data AvailableAlpha Decay (suspected)No Data Available
262≈ 5 millisecondsSpontaneous Fission100.00%
263No Data AvailableAlpha Decay (suspected)No Data Available
Spontaneous Fission (suspected)No Data Available
264No Data AvailableAlpha Decay (suspected)No Data Available

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