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Isotopes of the Element Rutherfordium

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Most of the isotope data on this site has been obtained from the National Nuclear Data Center. Please visit their site for more information.

Known Isotopes

Mass NumberHalf-lifeDecay ModeBranching Percentage
25348 microsecondsSpontaneous Fission<= 100.00%
Alpha DecayNo Data Available
Alpha Decay~ 50.00%
Spontaneous Fission~ 50.00%
25423 microsecondsSpontaneous Fission<= 100.00%
2552.3 secondsElectron Capture? 1.00%
Alpha Decay52.00%
Spontaneous Fission48.00%
2566.4 millisecondsSpontaneous Fission99.68%
Alpha Decay0.32%
2574.7 secondsAlpha Decay< 100.00%
Spontaneous Fission<= 1.40%
Electron Capture> 0.00%
257m4.1 secondsAlpha Decay< 100.00%
Spontaneous Fission<= 1.40%
Electron Capture> 0.00%
25814.7 millisecondsSpontaneous Fission69.00%
Alpha Decay31.00%
2593.2 secondsAlpha Decay92.00%
Spontaneous Fission8.00%
259m2.5 secondsElectron Capture15.00%
26021 millisecondsSpontaneous Fission<= 100.00%
Alpha Decay (suspected)No Data Available
2611.9 secondsSpontaneous Fission73.00%
Alpha Decay27.00%
Alpha Decay> 74.00%
Electron Capture< 15.00%
Spontaneous Fission< 11.00%
2622.3 secondsSpontaneous Fission<= 100.00%
Alpha Decay< 3.00%
26310 minutesSpontaneous Fission100.00%
Alpha DecayNo Data Available
264No Data AvailableAlpha Decay (suspected)No Data Available
265No Data AvailableSpontaneous FissionNo Data Available
266No Data AvailableSpontaneous Fission (suspected)No Data Available
Alpha Decay (suspected)No Data Available
267No Data AvailableNo Data AvailableNo Data Available
268No Data AvailableAlpha Decay (suspected)No Data Available
Spontaneous Fission (suspected)No Data Available

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