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Isotopes of the Element Radon

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Most of the isotope data on this site has been obtained from the National Nuclear Data Center. Please visit their site for more information.

Known Isotopes

Mass NumberHalf-lifeDecay ModeBranching Percentage
1931.15 millisecondsAlpha Decay100.00%
1940.78 millisecondsAlpha Decay100.00%
1956 millisecondsAlpha Decay100.00%
195m5 millisecondsAlpha Decay100.00%
1964.4 millisecondsAlpha Decay99.90%
Electron Capture~ 0.10%
19753 millisecondsAlpha Decay100.00%
197m25 millisecondsAlpha Decay100.00%
19865 millisecondsAlpha DecayNo Data Available
Electron CaptureNo Data Available
1990.59 secondsAlpha Decay94.00%
Electron Capture6.00%
199m0.31 secondsAlpha Decay97.00%
Electron Capture3.00%
2001.03 secondsAlpha Decay86.00%
Electron Capture14.00%
2017.0 secondsAlpha DecayNo Data Available
Electron CaptureNo Data Available
201m3.8 secondsElectron CaptureNo Data Available
Alpha DecayNo Data Available
2029.7 secondsAlpha Decay78.00%
Electron Capture22.00%
20344 secondsAlpha Decay66.00%
Electron Capture34.00%
203m26.9 secondsAlpha Decay75.00%
Electron Capture25.00%
20474.5 secondsAlpha Decay72.40%
Electron Capture27.60%
205170 secondsAlpha Decay24.60%
Electron Capture75.40%
2065.67 minutesAlpha Decay62.00%
Electron Capture38.00%
2079.25 minutesElectron Capture79.00%
Alpha Decay21.00%
20824.35 minutesAlpha Decay62.00%
Electron Capture38.00%
20928.5 minutesElectron Capture83.00%
Alpha Decay17.00%
2102.4 hoursElectron Capture4.00%
Alpha Decay96.00%
21114.6 hoursElectron Capture72.60%
Alpha Decay27.40%
21223.9 minutesAlpha Decay100.00%
21319.5 millisecondsAlpha Decay100.00%
2140.27 microsecondsAlpha Decay100.00%
2152.30 microsecondsAlpha Decay100.00%
21645 microsecondsAlpha Decay100.00%
2170.54 millisecondsAlpha Decay100.00%
21835 millisecondsAlpha Decay100.00%
2193.96 secondsAlpha Decay100.00%
22055.6 secondsAlpha Decay100.00%
22125 minutesBeta-minus Decay78.00%
Alpha Decay22.00%
2223.8235 daysAlpha Decay100.00%
22324.3 minutesBeta-minus Decay100.00%
224107 minutesBeta-minus Decay100.00%
2254.66 minutesBeta-minus Decay100.00%
2267.4 minutesBeta-minus Decay100.00%
22720.8 secondsBeta-minus Decay100.00%
22865 secondsBeta-minus Decay100.00%
22912.0 secondsBeta-minus Decay100.00%
230> 300 nanosecondsBeta-minus DecayNo Data Available
231> 300 nanosecondsBeta-minus DecayNo Data Available

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