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Isotopes of the Element Francium

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Most of the isotope data on this site has been obtained from the National Nuclear Data Center. Please visit their site for more information.

Known Isotopes

Mass NumberHalf-lifeDecay ModeBranching Percentage
19912 millisecondsAlpha Decay> 0.00%
Electron CaptureNo Data Available
20049 millisecondsAlpha Decay100.00%
20162 millisecondsAlpha Decay100.00%
201m19 millisecondsAlpha Decay100.00%
2020.30 secondsAlpha Decay100.00%
202m0.29 secondsAlpha Decay100.00%
2030.55 secondsAlpha Decay<= 100.00%
2041.8 secondsAlpha Decay92.00%
Electron Capture8.00%
204m1.6 secondsAlpha Decay90.00%
Electron Capture10.00%
204m10.8 secondsAlpha Decay74.00%
Electron Capture26.00%
2053.97 secondsAlpha Decay98.50%
Electron Capture1.50%
206≈ 16 secondsAlpha Decay~ 84.00%
Electron Capture~ 16.00%
Electron Capture~ 16.00%
Alpha Decay~ 84.00%
206m0.7 secondsIsomeric Transition95.00%
Alpha Decay5.00%
20714.8 secondsAlpha Decay95.00%
Electron Capture5.00%
20859.1 secondsAlpha Decay89.00%
Electron Capture11.00%
20950.5 secondsAlpha Decay89.00%
Electron Capture11.00%
2103.18 minutesAlpha Decay71.00%
Electron Capture29.00%
2113.10 minutesAlpha Decay87.00%
Electron Capture13.00%
21220.0 minutesElectron Capture57.00%
Alpha Decay43.00%
21334.82 secondsAlpha Decay99.44%
Electron Capture0.56%
2145.0 millisecondsAlpha Decay100.00%
214m3.35 millisecondsAlpha Decay100.00%
21586 nanosecondsAlpha Decay100.00%
216700 nanosecondsAlpha Decay100.00%
21719 microsecondsAlpha Decay100.00%
2181.0 millisecondsAlpha Decay100.00%
218m22.0 millisecondsAlpha Decay<= 100.00%
Isomeric TransitionNo Data Available
21920 millisecondsAlpha Decay100.00%
22027.4 secondsAlpha Decay99.65%
Beta-minus Decay0.35%
221286.1 secondsAlpha Decay100.00%
Beta-minus Decay< 0.10%
22214.2 minutesBeta-minus Decay100.00%
22322.00 minutesAlpha Decay6.0×10-3 %
Beta-minus Decay99.99%
2243.33 minutesBeta-minus Decay100.00%
2253.95 minutesBeta-minus Decay100.00%
22649 secondsBeta-minus Decay100.00%
2272.47 minutesBeta-minus Decay100.00%
22838 secondsBeta-minus Decay<= 100.00%
22950.2 secondsBeta-minus Decay100.00%
23019.1 secondsBeta-minus Decay100.00%
23117.6 secondsBeta-minus Decay100.00%
2325.5 secondsBeta-minus Decay100.00%
233> 300 nanosecondsBeta-minus DecayNo Data Available

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